50+ Best Crazy Jokes 2020

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A group of crazy people goes hunting. They are there hunting and two crazy people get lost and get lost. The hours go by and the crazy people who don’t find others. One tells the other:

Hey, what if we shot to be heard?
Ok, you shoot!

An hour passes and nothing. So one of them says:
“They have not heard us. I shoot now ”

And shoot, but nobody appears. After a while one of them says:
Hey, shoot again to see if we have more luck now.
I can not. I have no arrows left !!!

A doctor enters a room full of crazy people and finds that four crazy people are playing cards while another one is on top of a closet. The doctor looks at him strangely and finally asks the crazy people who are playing cards:

And what is he doing there?

It’s crazy – one answers – It is believed to be a lamp!

Oh yeah? – says the doctor – Get out of there immediately!

Hey, but what does it do ?? !! We can’t play without light!

Short and very good crazy jokes

If you are looking for fun and have a good time with your family and friends, you have to know that a very interesting option is to tell good jokes of short crazy people, which will surely make you laugh, because they have shades of Really very interesting humor.

For this reason, on our website we offer you a good collection of crazy jokes for children, which will allow you to spend good times with your children, because the laugh will be reflected in their faces as soon as you finish it. In addition, if the joke has liked enough, the reaction of the boy or girl will be to learn it, with the aim of telling it later and making third people laugh.

For all this we invite you to read the crazy phrases that we have prepared for you on our website, because not only will your children laugh with them, but you can also enjoy a good time of fun. Of course, you always have to look for good jokes that adapt to your child’s age, with the aim of getting them to use good vocabulary and therefore getting them to understand them without problems.

In addition, we have to add that a good joke will not only make humor present at all times, but it has also been shown that they have very good benefits. For example, it has been shown that they allow children to be more confident about themselves, while also helping them improve their self-esteem.

Also thanks to all this, you will increase your relationships with friends, since they make it possible to live good moments in a group.
To this we must add that a good joke helps to improve the child’s memory, since he will want to learn it, without forgetting that it will help him enjoy more of everyday things, that is, it will help him avoid thinking about things that he does not They are designed for their age.

Finally we have to add that telling a good children’s crazy joke is perfect for any moment of the day, so it is always a good time to tell them.


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