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Living in the 21st century and being unaware of this very culture is impossible but if under some real unfortunate circumstances that is true then O’ kind humans, you are missing on some actual great stuff. However, fear not, for the ones who stan meme culture are a little too kind to welcome everyone who gets even a tiny bit curious about this and me being one of them whole heartily welcome you to this article that will at least have you aware of this magical world of meme culture and,

along with that you will realise just how much you have been missing on to a world that is full of relatable feels and escape hours for you to smile genuinely once again… or to put it in a more blunt manner, it’s something to remind you that you are not the only hopeless one in this world…. Feel better already? Now, allow me to take you on a journey so beautiful….. Okay, let’s keep it real…. Allow me to take you on a journey where you will feel the most at home. The best kind isn’t it?

What are Memes ?

To understand what a meme culture is, it’s better to embrace all the flaws that you might or might not have, or you are most likely to develop… you know just for fun… Now, most of the people describe “meme” as a  waste of time, useless escape hours and meaningless desires. Well for once you need to know that the people who stan this meme culture strictly forbid these words to be spurted out of anyone’s mouth because for once, none of them wants that kind of talk in their domain.

what is Memes
what is Memes

Moreover, I must try my best to eliminate these rumours being spread about something so pure and let me warn you that nothing in this culture is useless except those rumours about it. Moving onto something like “what are memes”, “from where does it come from?” or “who invented it?” you need to understand and be very much familiar with certain things like;

  • The correct pronunciation of “meme”
  • What does it basically means?
  • What is the meaning of the word “stan” ?
  • How do you stan a meme culture?
  • What is a meme culture?

These questions are one of the most important questions that one should be fully aware about before stepping into this precious culture that gives nothing but pure joy and laughter to this cruel  world.

The correct pronunciation of this word meme is “meeem”. Yes, you read it correctly, it’s “meem” starting with an “m” sound and ending with an “m” sound despite the spelling ending in “e”.. Say it again with me and slowly, M-E-E-M, correct. Now, it is highly advised that to try to avoid butchering this word by calling it as; “me me”  or “may may”, you want to know why?

Here’s a story, there was a time when I myself was a new person to this culture, desperately wanting in for it was pure and genuine and then came the darkest time when I made the most horrible mistake of calling “meme” as “may may” and suddenly the most embarrassing moment of my life was changed from getting caught while dancing in front of my math teacher to this incident. A painful story right? Thus, I kindly advise you to practice this pronunciation before it becomes a reason why you stay up at night while counting the times you messed up badly.

What Does (Memes) Basically Means?

It will be actually a very shallow approach for one to try and attempt to explain what “memes” basically means but for starters I shall take that job. So, here’s an attempt to do justice with this culture! (fingers crossed and cheers). Memes are basically a type of a unit which initially contains relatable information which is portrayed through imitations of most popular videos, images and dialogues.

It is primarily a situation in which an individual find something highly relatable with his life circumstances, their moods or their personal feelings about something which amuse them in a much more intimate way. People usually take some of the most common, popular, awkward or funny clips from movies, TV series, cartoons, reality shows etc and combine them with different kinds of statement that matches the image. The statements could be funny, dark, sarcastic or might at times could contain an irony.

Sounds something really easy to do right? Sorry to pop that bubble of yours, but coming up with memes are something that is definitely not to be taken lightly, as the ones who have the ability to generate them, is the alpha.

What is the Meaning of Meme Culture Word Stan?

Where there is “the meme culture” there is the word “stan” combined with it. You can think of it like these two words are betrothed with each other or something like that. The primary meaning of the word stan is to follow something with your whole heart while giving your very best of every cell that you possess in your body. Intense right? Let me dilute it down. 

Stan or stanning is something that an individual does to show their support towards something that they wholeheartedly or deeply admire and follow. This could be termed as a new slang word for “follow” in general.  There are alot of culture that one follows or obey and just like that you don’t follow a meme culture you stan it.

How Do You Stan A Meme Culture?

By now you would have an idea of what a meme culture actually is. It started out from basically some units of entertainment and soon became so big that it was termed as “the meme culture”.  Stanning a meme culture is very easy, as you will find that all over social media but I would suggest you to use FACEBOOK or TUMBLR for the cream supply of it. 

This culture despite from every other culture doesn’t really have any rules you have to follow except from the one that is “never, I repeat never stop anyone from sharing meme at any time, at any place or anywhere.”   if you are able to follow this one rule then congratulations you are highly expected to survive in this culture.

What is the Memes Culture?

Meme culture, this term is nowadays the most used, the most superior term of all. You can talk bad about any culture and people will preach and talk about it but you try doing that about this culture and every individual belonging to this culture will not only preach but will drag you till ages that you won’t even remember. So, i critically advise you to respect this culture at all costs because this culture is far from what a normal culture is like.

Meme culture and what makes it different is the sole reason that you don’t have to behave in any particular manner to fit in. Moreover, you don’t really have to prove yourself to feel welcomed in it. People don’t judge you here, instead they appreciate every feeling that you are feeling by sharing what you are feeling because people in this culture aren’t scared to accept the flaws if anything more.

all they do is accept flaws and then drag it to laugh over it and feel better that world in the end isn’t that bad of a place. So this is what a basic meme culture is about and this is just a tiny speck of insight you have read about it yet, the whole culture is a lot more than this 2000 words of article could ever come to describe.

Where did the Word Meme Came From ?

Now, this may come as a surprise for some people but in reality the word meme is actually a very ancient word. It is basically a greek generated word and is said to be a short from of a word called “mimeme” which initially means “something imitated” and is said to be last updated in 2008, not that long ago though. This actually makes kind of sense here, as most of the memes that are generated is basically trying to somehow imitate the real situation that happened while ignoring the context of it.

 However, literally meaning of it as described in new terms are as “short lived pleasures”, this i might say is the most shallow way to put the meaning of what is a meme but to get a closer insight of it we should be aware that this new meaning was found by a biologist.

Who Coined The Term Memes into This World ?

That short-lived cliffhanger that I justify you on in the prior paragraph is exactly how this biologist named RIchard Dawkins explained meme as.  Richard Dawkins was a biologist who said that “memes are a short-lived pleasure or something that is passing by.” Ofcourse, these are not his exact words but this is more or less the actually jest of his explanation and definition of the word meme.

  What Richard Dawkins basically said in his book “the selfish genes”that he published in 1976 about memes is that he expressed his opinion about memes being like a gene but more like a cultural equivalent of a gene. Okay, why is biology coming in this? Let me try to explain this matter. What Dawkins wanted to say was; the fact that humans have a tendency to adapt rather quickly, we human beings have an adaptive mechanism that is not possessed by any other species.

While genes, are said to pass information and ideas from one generation to another but with certain limitations, memes, on the other hand is like gene but in a much free manner. Human beings through memes are able to transfer one idea to others in a more accepting and free manner. 

Thus, to look at it closely Richard Dawkins could be said as a founder of the word “meme”. It won’t be a wrong thing to say that the word meme was first coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in his book “The Selfish Genes”. Maybe the word meme did come to us from some science book which kind of does not make it that cool… but we can discount that out with the emergence of it.

Types OF Memes

Here’s the thing: the internet is a bad place. This is, simply, indisputable. But there’s also good pockets to be found. That’s where memes come in. While online culture seems to become more and more toxic each year, it’s meme culture that really makes Logging On totally worth it. The year 2020 swept in and brought us some beloved and quickly forgotten jokes, trends, and meme templates. To be very honest there are so many kinds of memes that this article alone would not be enough to explain. 

  1. Dank Memes
  2. Classic Memes
  3. Surreal Memes
  4. Normie Memes
  5. Wholesome Memes
  6. Funny Memes

However, there are some noticeably the most common types that i can start to discuss with to give some kind of insight about the meme culture in a much exposed manner. I think it is safe to say that the common ones are these five kinds:

Dank Memes:

is usually based on some contents that you need to know the context to actually understand the joke or the meme, this kind of meme does not really appeal to most people.

Classic Memes:

is normally the one with text imprinted over a character or a person and that text usually contains a joke about cultural reference.

Surreal Memes:

these memes are the most recent ones, they have you question everything. They are usually the height of creativity one could sit at.

Normie Memes:

could say that these are the memes made by normal people without any context. It could also be said as the low quality version of dank memes.

Wholesome Memes:

these memes are usually positive and contains no context for you to know about to get the joke or the reference.

Funny Memes:

If it wasn’t for funny memes you know: quips and images that exist solely for easy entertainment Facebook wouldn’t be entertaining enough to steal so much of your time. Instagram, too, would be little more than selfies and stylized pictures of food. And Twitter? Don’t even get us started. In short, the internet would be a joyless void of constant news alerts, questionably reliable research, and self-aggrandizing social media posts without some of the internet’s funniest memes.

There are lots of memes that surely cannot be described or be categorized under one umbrella word. However, what is important is to know the real purpose of memes. Memes are used for the utmost source of entertainment that helps you escape from the harsh reality of this world for a short time but serves you for a long time mentally. Though, I do have an idea that it was a rather lousy way to explain the true meaning of the meme culture, but hey, at least I tried 🙂

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