50+ Short Jokes 2020

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We remind you that in addition to these varied short jokes, we also have a large assortment of not very long jokes classified by themes, among which we highlight,

Pepito Jokes:

Lovable character, called Pepito in South America and Jaimito in Spain, which symbolizes the typical thug boy who He always wants to get out of the rules that are already imposed from the school.

Drunk Jokes:

They say that only children and drunkards tell the truth. That is why there are so many jokes about drunkards, and that is why it makes us so funny when some drunkard says something that is supposed to shut up, to see what defects women have, surely many …

Feminists Jokes:

although men do not fall short. In addition to topics, there is always room for creativity when we talk about shaming the opposite sex. And Here you have a special selection of jokes where we have tried to include the ones we like the most. We would say that it is our Top, our star category.

We hope you enjoy these little works of art. Remember that you can rate the jokes, send them by mail, by Facebook, Twitter, …

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