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Why Read Short Children’s Stories?

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A fun way to spend a special moment with our children is by reading children’s stories with them . From an early age, it is important to read stories with them for elementary and children, because with their reading the children develop their imagination, acquire vocabulary and take a liking and love for reading.

In Chiquipedia we want you to spend very special moments with your little ones, and for this we have selected a wide variety of short stories with stories of all kinds and characters of the most varied. The good thing about our short children’s stories is that they are perfect for those times when children ask us for stories, such as before going to sleep.

Why Read Short Children’s Stories?

To make it easy to find the right kind of story for the right time, we have distributed them in different sections. In this way it is easier to find short stories for children with a moral to teach values ​​to children, short stories of love for special children for dates such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas stories perfect for reading on Christmas dates, …

We have not forgotten the traditional stories, popular stories with which we have all grown up and with which we want our children to learn as well. Therefore we have also prepared sections with stories for more classic children, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The 3 Little Pigs, Garbancito, Pedro and the Wolf, Puss in Boots or Hansel and Gretel. However, we also have invented stories to give a more original approach to the universe of short stories.

We have also prepared stories to think, with children’s stories with values that will help us to teach the little lessons of life, values ​​or thoughts that are easier to transmit through this medium. Because popular fables have many virtues in addition to entertaining, and one of them is that: make children think and enhance their imagination and curiosity. These are the most read stories on our website, do you like them?

Unleash the imagination with tales for very original children

For those who are looking for short children’s stories to read to your little ones , in this section we have prepared a great selection of them. We also want to facilitate the search for the ideal for each occasion, so we have distributed them in small categories. So we can easily find the story we want to read, be it a short story with a moral to think about, a bedtime story or a popular story to entertain children.

You just have to click on one of the story sections for short children We have prepared below, and we will automatically access a list of short stories for the little ones in the house. As you can imagine, we have short stories of all kinds, from the popular classical tales that we have all heard as children and that we like to transmit to our children, to newer children’s stories,

which although the traditional ones give us many values ​​to the children, something that we always look for in a children’s story. And of course all our stories are free. You can download as many as you want to be able to read them wherever you want.

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